Pink topless pics

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To tell you honestly, Pink’s body is not the type that make my cock go hard and crazy. She sort of have an androgynous bod, not curvy, but not skinny too. And it’s needless to say her tits are kinda too small for my taste. But there’s something about her that drives me mad; she’s hot and wild and fearless. And on these pics, well, she’s all that and more–she’s naked.

Have you seen her Grammy performance this year? Yeah, not only did she went onstage almost naked, she sort of did some acrobatic moves in there, appearing to fly by using a cloth as a suspension or something. In my world, that’s WOW. I could just imagine having hardcore sex with her, I’m sure her moves could make my cock stay hard all night long.

Anyway, check more of Pink nudes right here.


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