Pia Toscano Eager To Display Her Nicely Sized Ass At An Event

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pia toscano sex scandal

Here’s a little something from Reality Star Scandals to help us go through this boring Monday. Check out a bunch of hot photographs of Pia Toscano as she wows everyone at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles. This 10th placer on the 2012 season of American Idol is looking truly cute and exquisitely feminine in her simple but still fashionable dress. The reality TV program contestant confidently presented herself to the photographers who feasted on Pia Toscano’s ample breasts and curvy ass.

pia toscano butt photos

Among all the hot things on this former American Idol contestant, it’s her gorgeous butt that would catch your attention. It is not as big as any of the Kardashian brood’s trademark booty, but it is just perfect. Not too large and not too little. Check out the contour on this reality show celeb’s plump butt underneath that scanty dress! Pia Toscano’s ass flashing pictures is an open invitation to go tap and grope those buns!

pia toscano and her yummy boobs

The 24 year old reality tv celeb appears to be calm with all that attention. I really think Pia Toscano loves whoring her bum in big events such as this. Well, with that charming smile, sweet set of boobs, eye catching rear end and an eagerness to whore out in front of the paparazzi, she may just be hit it big in Hollywood. If you want to see hot and sexy photographs and XXX sex tapes of reality celebs like Pia Toscano, head over at Reality Star Scandals and get daily updated reality TV scandals when you sign up!


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